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Using Triggers and Boards to upsell churns

Understanding the problem

Account teams, in particular Account Executives (AEs), Sales Development Reps (SDRs), and Customer Success Managers (CSMs), often struggle to understand what users in their territories are doing. In fact, they may not even know which accounts have active users, let alone who they are and what their use cases are.  The typical “solution” to this is either a heavy dose of BI dashboards in tools like Chartio, Looker, or Sisense, or teams will try to integrate their data into other SaaS apps like Salesforce or Hubspot.


Triggers are a key concept in Patch. Triggers determine when recipients are alerted of user behavior and what is included in the alert. My first step with Patch was to understand the unique value propositions; to get to the heart of what makes PLG-focused software. I built a series of design directions and refined based on users frustrations. The result was a product detailing the unique offerings of Patch and the value they offer users.

Result (during user-testing)

felt it was more user friendly that what they were accustomed to
Felt motivated to continue using the patch triggers


Given the cybersecurity risks to most traditional forms of authentication, Patch will support a password-less sign up and sign in workflow. Users will provide a phone number that will be used initially for first signup and login. After their first successful login, they will then be prompted to enroll their device to use as an authenticator going forward. This mobile app will initially serve one purpose - to serve push notifications for users to approve an authentication attempt.