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How Stevia was designed to improve access to learning


The design of Stevia solved problems that had maniested since its initial entry to market. This redeisgn was aimed to modernize Stevia and help professionals with the guidance to build confidence and go after any chose filed by providing task-based learning that resonates with an ideal workplace.

Understand the problem

To understand this I explored the existing designs; from a thorough UX audit to testing several iterations. The problem Stevia had can be categorized majorly into two;

1. Bit-sized online lession and 1:1’s that’s easy to schedule and track

2. Marketing landing page was not optimized for quick decision mkaing

3. Facilitate productive learning by connecting students to coaches and then help these students discover intuitive and structured learning path


reduction in
bounce rate
increase in user navigating
to course of choice
lift in

Final steps

Stevia’s team embraced the results of my research, design process and understood how a few
changes to their design language could have a big impact in attracting more users and offering
more value to the current users.